While thinking of a blog title, I came across the note that my youngest sister once wrote to me that said: "U stink in bold. Tomorrow you will feel like a bloated giraffe. U r so safari dazzling." I went with it. Plus "safari dazzling" sounds better than "bloated giraffe."

The rest are musings on food; wanderlust & occasional trips that satisfy it; my journey as a Zumba instructor; working in public health; life, generally. Thanks for reading!
  • We got the grant at work!Which means our program is re-funded for a 5-year cycle! CDC took a while to inform us so we were starting to get nervous. PHEW. Now we’re just waiting to find out how much (or rather, how little) money we’re going to get, and how many states we’re going to be assigned to cover. 

  • I need to try other things to help me fall asleep at night (outside of sleeping pills), because it’s really not so great being a major grump from lack of sleep. First thing would be to take Vince’s advice of not looking at bright screens before bed. Like for realz this time.

  • Been working on new Zumba routines, and my latest song obsession is Bambalam from Zumba’s Megamix 41. Makes me want to go nuts every time I hear it haha. 

  • Vince and I are going to Atlantic City this weekend for a mini-reunion with college roommates. One just returned home from working in Hong Kong for two years, and another is about to start her own adventure in Dublin this fall, so it’s the perfect time to get together. Can’t wait to see their lovely faces, and meet their beaus!


My dog is a mush, but the amount of parents who let their kids put their faces up to her nose amazes me. They’re going to get their schnozes eaten soon.

All the yes!! We have one on penny’s leash, because she’s a rescue with slight fear/aggression issues around strangers/other dogs, but no one seems to understand what it is. Hoping this will catch on soon!



chris pratt ftw. lol.

This interview is a big fat fail because nobody asked him WHY HE CAN FRENCH BRAID HAIR! I am so impressed.

Stop it right now, Chris Pratt.

Oh hey #luckypennyp #grandpaface

If there’s a bowl of good chips and guacamole … I lose my mind.

The President of the United States, y’all.  (via washingtonpost)


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haaa this video is wonderful. and I’m totally on the same page as Malia. 

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Go watch this. Kacy Catanzaro is incredible.

I don’t even know what is happening here, or what the hell American Ninja Warrior is, but sweet Jesus, this girl is GREAT.

smiles from ear to ear while watching this, so amazing.

higher-ups on vacation means more fun work lunches: brie and apple with honey mustard #nom (at Penelope)

One of my high school friend’s had a beautiful shore wedding this weekend. The bride and groom looked beautiful and so over the moon happy; almost all of our high school group were reunited; my friend Megan sang “Lady of Knock” so beautifully during the ceremony; the view at the reception was gorgeous; the wind gave Vince a faux hawk in most of the pics; tears were shed during her sister’s speech; good food and drinks abounded; nonstop dancing occurred without any blisters from my shoes; and we enjoyed a delicious morning after breakfast at a local diner. An excellent and exhausting weekend indeed :)

I had lunch at The Meatball Shop today, and yea yea their meatballs are amazing…but their ice cream and cookies? OH MAN. I had the pistachio ice cream special with a brownie walnut cookie. Ahh soo good.



New theme song.

And ring tone. And alarm music. Basically, I want to hear this morning, noon, and night.

"…. Cause every inch of you is perfect, from the bottom to the top."

All bodies are beautiful, no matter the size.  But I’ve never heard a song so fun and playful and positive about being big.  I love it.

This song is so awesome!

Next month my family and I are going to Germany!! My cousin William, a Second Lieutenant Army nurse, is currently stationed at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. My sister, Vince and I had been planning to visit him, and we managed to convince the rest of my family to go, especially since they have never been to Europe (what’s not so great is that we’re going during the most expensive time of the year). It was a little crazy trying to nail down the itinerary, because they initially wanted to see pretty much anything outside of Germany, like Amsterdam and Paris and Switzerland. But we sorted everything out and came up with a fun but hopefully not too exhausting plan. My cousin is renting a van to fit all 8 of us, since driving seems to be the cheapest option for getting around (should be quite an adventure driving around the narrower roads!).

On August 3rd, we’ll take an overnight flight to Frankfurt. William and his fiancé, Czarina, will meet us, and we’ll either spend some time in Frankfurt or drive right to Bann and spend the day in the Bann/Landstuhl area. We plan to take a day trip to Brussels, since it’s just under a 3 hour drive away. Next we’ll see Heidelberg, followed by Rothenburg, where we’ll stay overnight. From there it’s off to Munich and surrounding area for two days. Afterward my family will head back to Bann, then visit Paris overnight, and possibly Lake Constance, for the remainder of their trip. Vince and I will take the train(s) to Pécs, Hungary (during the day, so we can at least see the scenery as we ride through Austria), to visit his older sister and grandma. We figured it’d be better to focus on Germany for the time we’re all together, since Vince and I plan to visit Paris for a longer period in the future. We’ll be in Hungary for about 3 full days, and I’m hoping we’ll get to spend a some time in Budapest before flying out because I really want to go back to this wonderful café. It was one of my favorite spots the first time I visited Hungary in 2009. 


[because of course I had to map everything out]

Though there’ll probably be moments of typical family drama, it’s going to be quite an entertaining trip and I really can’t wait. My dad recently bought a fancy new camera, so we’re probably going to end up with 348564928346783 photos. He’s going to be like a kid in a candy store with all the sightseeing. I’m excited to see castles and Munich, and I think my mom is going to really enjoy Rothenburg and Paris. Plus we all can’t wait for good beer and breweries. Let the countdown begin!

Celebrating 7 years together :)

  • Really nervous for this Brazil game (they’re down two starting players, ugh!) because I’ve got them going all the way in Vince’s office pool. He has Germany going all the way, so I guess it would still be good for us generally if they advance, but I want to win so badly, or at least place top 3. **Update - since posting this I saw that Germany is already up by three goals what in the f*ck

  • Though I’m technically a member of PPNYC’s Activist Council Sex Ed Group for about two years now, I haven’t actually been an active participant since joining about two years ago, oops. But I volunteered to do this week’s “Sexucation,” a news roundup that goes out to the members, and all the news I’m gathering about Hobby Lobby and its aftermath is, not surprisingly, making me ragey. I did, however, come across some good and interesting news – Colorado’s big drop in teen birth rates and abortion rates (thanks to, well whad’ya know, contraception) and a birth control computer chip in the works. 

  • One of my close friends from high school is getting married this weekend and I can’t wait to party and catch up with everyone. Plus it’s down the shore so we can probably squeeze in some beach time before coming back home. I haven’t been yet this summer and that makes me sad. 

  • We spent the afternoon with friends in Brooklyn Bridge Park on Sunday and that area is so lovely! I loved all the greenery and the athletic fields set up on some of the piers. Plus, we were able to hit up Smorgasburg, where I had a delicious and refreshing Thai Iced Tea Popsicle (genius idea!) from Whimsy and Spice, and really flavorful, and bright, pistachio and dark chocolate macarons from Vendome Macaron. And last but not least, we had filling and tasty lunch at the vegan restaurant Wild Ginger.
I may or may not have cried at the end of season 4 of Parks and Rec. How did we wait so long to watch this show?! 

I may or may not have cried at the end of season 4 of Parks and Rec. How did we wait so long to watch this show?!