While thinking of a blog title, I came across the note that my youngest sister once wrote to me that said: "U stink in bold. Tomorrow you will feel like a bloated giraffe. U r so safari dazzling." I went with it. Plus "safari dazzling" sounds better than "bloated giraffe."

The rest are musings on food; wanderlust & occasional trips that satisfy it; my journey as a Zumba instructor; working in public health; life, generally. Thanks for reading!

Reading about Michael Brown and the debacle in Ferguson has been nothing short of depressing. The news saddens and angers me, and judging by my feed, many here on Tumblr share these sentiments. It’s easy to feel helpless, but you can still do something to help. I donated to Feed Ferguson, a fundraiser to help feed the children in and around Ferguson. School was canceled because of the unrest and many of these children would normally have gotten their meals there. Here are 10 other ways to help, including donating to the Michael Brown Memorial Fund.

More importantly, let’s not be fickle on this. Read up and stay informed (I had no idea about the 1033 program), take to social media, find out what your state and federal representatives are doing, or not doing, about systematic racism, and let your voice be heard at the polls come midterm elections. This 24 hour news cycle is trying on the soul, so let’s also remember to be kind to ourselves and each other (via merfology). 

Oh tomato season, you are the best.

Mood boosters for going back to work after a 2 week vacation: peanut butter cup smoothie in this awesome Gryffindor mug that my cousin got me from London’s Harry Potter Tour!

[smoothie recipe adapted from Candice Kumai’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Monster: (said it serves 3 but it’s a good amount for 2): blend together 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, a handful of baby spinach, 1 frozen banana, 2 tbsp natural peanut butter, 2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder (I do a rounded tbsp for extra chocolate-y goodness), ice and enjoy! optional to add green superfood/flaxseed meal/maca powder/protein powder/whatever you like for an extra boost]

  • threw intentions of returning to work out the window
  • had a productive morning but turned into a slug after penny came home 
  • "unpacked" by placing everything on the kitchen table and throwing our clothes in the laundry
  • attempted yoga to ease my achy muscles, managed only 15 minutes of restorative poses
  • couldn’t muster up the energy to worry about the tingling sensations in my legs
  • spent time with the siblings yesterday because Rachel is off to college in 5 days (eep!!)
  • continued waking up super early and barely being able to stay awake past 9:30
  • woke up today feeling a cold coming on :/
  • wondered how I’d be able to teach Zumba tomorrow without passing out
  • finally made it to the farmer’s market to stock up on delicious tomatoes
  • turned the place upside down to make sure we didn’t have a mice problem again and reinforcing our prevention methods
  • wishfully thought about sleeping for the rest of August
  • wondered how in the heck September is just around the corner

It’s a little sad how hard it’s been for me to adjust, but fingers crossed that I’ll be good money (as my sister says) in a few more days. I’d hoped to post about our trip by now but my brain is just not having it. 

It’s been quite a trip! Six amazing cities in four days for the first half of the trip (my dad took about 1,100 photos at the time that we parted ways…which doesn’t include Paris and Lucerne), and a less intense but equally wonderful second half in Pécs, Hungary, visiting Vince’s sister and grandma. My family got home safe and sound today, and Vince and I leave tomorrow morning at 10. We left early this afternoon for Budapest, since Pécs is a 3 hour train ride away and we didn’t want to have to get up insanely early. I’m going to need some time to unscramble my traveling brain, re-set and get back into the swing of things, but first thing is getting home safely. There are two plane rides (+ 5 hour layover in Stockholm) and a commute from JFK standing between us and home and penny :)

Vince playing his nagyi’s old guitar 💕#onemoreonemore2014 (at Pecs-Hungary)

Rothenburg ob der Tauber at night

My cousin BUILT this bar himself. Cheers!! #germany #familyvacation #hefeweizen

Well, almost. It was a whirlwind weekend of getting ready, cleaning up the apartment, and getting penny all set for the dog sitter. I somehow spent hours packing without actually putting any of my clothes or stuff into our bag. But I am happy that Vince and I are only sharing one check-in bag between us. This morning I was frantically practicing new zumba songs because I really wanted a fun class before leaving for vacation. Nikki and Laurence came which was great, and I think the songs were a success. Unfortunately when I went to pick up shoes I had taken in for repairs specifically to bring on this trip, the guy said it wasn’t ready and I was none too pleased. At least I managed to leave with a cash discount on my payment.

The scene at my parent’s house while waiting for my dad’s friend to pick us up was all “do you have luggage tags?!”; “here have a snack”; “did you weigh these bags already?”; “check the locks before you put them on”; “what can we carry on?”; “LUGGAGE TAGS!!”; “LOCKS!!”.

We just stuffed ourselves with Shake Shack and are now waiting at the gate. It still doesn’t feel like we’re going on vacation. I probably won’t be posting much on Tumblr til I return, but you can follow along on Instagram if you’d like (@aprilkristin) :)

Keeping my word. Lesson one - basic braid. Not too shabby and only had to restart once. 

"If I were a girl, I would never do this." - Vince

a friend of mine posted this on Facebook and it’s so great.

La dee da all I can think about is VACATION 4 MORE DAYS oh my god let’s go now

  • We got the grant at work!Which means our program is re-funded for a 5-year cycle! CDC took a while to inform us so we were starting to get nervous. PHEW. Now we’re just waiting to find out how much (or rather, how little) money we’re going to get, and how many states we’re going to be assigned to cover. 

  • I need to try other things to help me fall asleep at night (outside of sleeping pills), because it’s really not so great being a major grump from lack of sleep. First thing would be to take Vince’s advice of not looking at bright screens before bed. Like for realz this time.

  • Been working on new Zumba routines, and my latest song obsession is Bambalam from Zumba’s Megamix 41. Makes me want to go nuts every time I hear it haha. 

  • Vince and I are going to Atlantic City this weekend for a mini-reunion with college roommates. One just returned home from working in Hong Kong for two years, and another is about to start her own adventure in Dublin this fall, so it’s the perfect time to get together. Can’t wait to see their lovely faces, and meet their beaus!


My dog is a mush, but the amount of parents who let their kids put their faces up to her nose amazes me. They’re going to get their schnozes eaten soon.

All the yes!! We have one on penny’s leash, because she’s a rescue with slight fear/aggression issues around strangers/other dogs, but no one seems to understand what it is. Hoping this will catch on soon!



chris pratt ftw. lol.

This interview is a big fat fail because nobody asked him WHY HE CAN FRENCH BRAID HAIR! I am so impressed.

Stop it right now, Chris Pratt.